Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) FWSSEM

National Fitness Hall of Fame 2008
Personal Trainers Hall of Fame 2012

Dr Stoxen mentored many unranked amateurs to become world champions.

For many of my champions like Ed Coan, David Diaz or Andrei Arlovski I worked with them for 5-6 years in the trenches every day watching films, checking mechanics, nursing injuries, adjusting the diets, motivating, , training them, motivating them and at times, coaching them through tough personal challenges and getting them to stay the course to help them achieve each goal.

I cant explain the satisfaction of the first days and months working with an new athlete then one we are walking into the MGM Garden Arena, the Thomas Mack Center in Vegas, or some huge venue in a foreign country with over 10,000 fans screaming for this athlete and our team.

Nothing is more rewarding than working years in the trenches with an athlete to finally see them achieve their dream! Dr Stoxen

Ed Coan – 11 time Powerlifting World Champion
Shonie Carter – 13 time MMA World Champion
Christian Medina – 3 Time National Tae Kwon Do Champion
Andrei Arlovski – UFC Heavyweight Champion
David Diaz – WBC Boxing World Champion
Fernando Hernandez – WBA World Welterweight Champion
Joshuah Hernandez Chicago Golden Gloves Champion, professional boxer
Elvia Rubio – National Golden Gloves Champion
Rosa Rubio, National Golden Gloves Champion
Many others

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