RADIO INTERVIEW: Dr. James Stoxen DC Shares About ‘THE PAIN EXORCISM’, BFM 89.9 The Buisness Station, From Kuala Lumpur, May 25, 2012

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Radio Intervew
Dr. James Stoxen DC is
Interviewed by Meera Sivasothy
from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 25, 2012

The Bigger Picture, Health and Living:
with Meera Sivasothy

Credited with helping the famous children entertainer, Anthony Field get his Wiggle back, Dr. James Stoxen is in the business of helping people with chronic pain issues deal with them through an intensive procedure known as pain exorcism. He tells us all about this, as well as why the human body is built as a spring, and not a lever.

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Here are 9:00 minutes of the 45 minute interview transcribed for you here. We are still working on the rest so please listen to the interview above from the podcast until we can get the entire interview transcribed.  Thank you~!

BFM – Meera Sivasothy – Good afternoon, it’s The Bigger Picture.  This is Meera Sivasothy, Say the word pain exorcism and odds are you’ll have flashbacks of priests, spinning heads and devils pops in people’s minds.  But Dr. James Stoxen DC, is a practicing something known as pain exorcism a program that helps rid the body of pain in a mostly drug-free intensive manner speaking to him today to get his scoop on procedure and what it’s all about.  How you today Dr. James?

Dr James Stoxen DC – I’m doing great!  I just got back from Malaysia. It took me 36 hours to get back.  I think I need a pain exorcism after that long trip.

BFM – Meera Sivasothy hahaha It’s a shame we were not able to catch up with you when you were.  I know you came on a very quick trip.  Didn’t you?

Dr James Stoxen DC – Right, I think it took me over 70 hours to get there and back and I was there for 48 hours.  So that is how it worked out.

Meera Sivasothy – That’s what life is all about? Isnt it?  James, let’s just get into the first question because I think at the top of everyone’s mind is, what is your pain exorcism?  How do you describe it?  You are chiropractic physician right?

Dr James Stoxen DC – Right.  It’s funny how it all came about. Actually, it was nicknamed the pain exorcism by a famous children’s entertainer named Anthony Field from the Wiggles, children’s group.

I don’t know if you have kids but if you do you would know them.  They came through Malaysia last year.  They are very popular in the US

Meera Sivasothy – They are from Australia.  They are an Australian group, right?

Dr James Stoxen DC – Right. four blokes as they would say, that have developed an array of children’s songs and dances.  They actually go on the road and perform for 1 million people a year.  Over 1 million people buy tickets to see their live show.  They also have a TV show in 110 countries, so they’re very popular with the youngsters.

I was called by my agent as I have an agent that negotiates my agreements with these entertainers and she had let me know that I was to work for the Wiggles.  I didn’t know who they were.  All I knew was that I was to go directly to the theater and mainly pay attention to this gentleman Anthony Field, who was the blue Wiggle.

Meera Sivasothy – Right.

Dr James Stoxen DC – I was told he was having a bit of a physical and or mental meltdown. It was so severe and chronic that it was going to affect the show.  He was actually considering ending his career at that point, and throwing away 20 years of hard work and of course they were at their peak at the time. They had just sold out 12 consecutive shows at the iconic Madison Square Garden theatre in New York City, which is like a record.  They were just the talk of the town at the time.

So it was quite an adventure to go there.

He had come to me and said “look I want you to put your treatment table next to the stage because what you do is treat me before I go on, and then in the middle of the show I will come off the stage and I’ll have a lie down to get the rest from my pain.  They you will treat me in the treatment in the middle of the show. Then of course you will treat me after the show. “

Then I looked at him I said, I will help you would certainly not be going to be like that.

He did not look happy after that as he had this look on his face.

Then I said “You need a full physical overhaul which means from the floor to the ceiling, to restore your natural spring mechanism which would take about 12 hours for me to accomplish for you.  After that you won’t have to worry about this anymore, the fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

And then he said, who’s paying for this?

He almost kicked me out of the show!

Meera Sivasothy ha ha ha ha

Dr James Stoxen DC – See, people are in their everyday activities which it’s all hustle and bustle and one meeting goes into another.  So people don’t really think they have time to tackle the chronic pain issues so sometimes they just resort to the quickfix, which are the prescription drugs. And that Anthony was in fact relying on prescription drugs so much that he had been on them a while and had to up the doses.

You see there is a danger which comes with prescription drugs we forget about.  Even those that are not prescribed by doctor that you can buy over-the-counter. In fact over 160,000 people have been hospitalized for problems with over the counter drugs in the United States. The long-term use of prescription and over the counter drugs is the leading cause of liver toxicity in United States.

The prescription drugs that he was taking for his pain were not powerful enough so he kept taking more because he had developed a reliance.  In fact he was in Mexico getting a tattoo and he was so numb from the medication he fell asleep during the process and you know getting a tattoo can be a very painful process.

The problem comes when people don’t realize they have an obstructed bowel or in his case severe tooth decay, that progresses to a serious health problem. If you let these problems progress without the warning signal they can go wild on you and you could easily end up in hospital and you can die from his problems if you don’t catch it in time.

So, this is not something not to be taken for granted.  Pain is a warning signal to let you know you have a problem so you can get the care you need

So, back to the pain exorcism.

What I did was ask him to just lay down and I sait, “let me take a look at you.”  I had already diagnosed all of his conditions at that point from his walk.

It’s called the gait evaluation.

You don’t have a lot of time backstage because it’s a fast pace world when you are working with entertainers.  Not many people get a glimpse of it but it can be very stressful.  So I had to diagnose his conditions quickly and in fact diagnosed everything that was wrong with him as he walked towards me.

He said “Im not that bad, just a little back pain!”

I said “How long have you had that left foot pain, left knee pain and left hip pain?”

And he looked at me kind crazy and said “How did you know?”

Meera Sivasothy  wow!

Dr. James Stoxen DC –  I said, “by the way you walk”  It kinda got him calmed down into a hypnosis state because he was so fascinated by how I had in 3 minutes, diagnosed from the way he walked, everything that was wrong with him.

It’s because he had been to so many doctors that had unsuccessfully diagnosed him before and he paid a fortune for that and never really got anywhere.

So at least I got him to lie down.

Then I started working on his feet because I had noticed that his walk had gone from what’s normal which is when we bounce our body weight off the ground.

His body was banging and twisting into the ground that can’t be good.  It created a breakdown of his entire spring mechanism where his body was actually attacking him.

When you walk comfortably across the ground like a Buddhist monk just quietly walking it’s soothing to the body.

Banging and twisting is an assault on the joints and muscles which creates hostilities, frustrations and causes all kinds of stressors that release inflammatory chemicals in the body.  These chemicals can even seep through the blood brain barrier and cause feelings of malaise, listlessness, a loss of spirit and depression and this is the state that he was in.

Meera Sivasothy  Right.

Dr. James Stoxen DC – So, I got him to lie down and I spent about four hours working on his feet, his legs and his hips but not his back where his pain was the most severe.

Then all of a sudden, he said, I have to get up and do the show!

He jumped up and he looked at me kind of unhappy and he said, “Ah doc, all that was great but next time would you like to work on my back? That’s where my most of my severe pain is”.

Then he started doing these Elvis gyrations

Meera Sivasothy – Hahahah

Dr. James Stoxen DC – It was like he was doing the twist

He was looking at me kind of funny and I said “Whats wrong?”

He said, “Nothing, its just my back pain, It’s completely gone!” 

Meera Sivasothy – Right

Dr. James Stoxen DC – And I said, “Isn’t that what I said I was going to do?  I said I was going to release your human spring mechanism from starting from the bottom to the top and restore your natural spring mechanism and the body would recalibrate the mechanism and heal itself and then the pain would be gone? Right?”

Meera Sivasothy – Right

Dr. James Stoxen DC – He said, “Yes, that is what I thought you said but I can’t believe it actually happened! Don’t go anywhere, Ill be right back after the show!”

After that the pain was gone and never came back ever again.

Meera Sivasothy – Forever?

Dr. James Stoxen DC – Yes, and we are talking about a guy who had chronic pain for 25 years and went to an array of specialists around the world with no long term results.

Meera Sivasothy – Based on your experience what factors contribute to chronic pain in most people who come to see you?

Dr. James Stoxen DC –


Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) He is the president of Team Doctors®, Treatment and Training Center Chicago. Dr Stoxen is a #1 International Bestselling Author of the book, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He has lectured at more than 20 medical conferences on his Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and asked to publish his research on this approach to treating thoracic outlet syndrome in over 30 peer review medical journals. He has been asked to submit his other research on the human spring approach to treatment, training and prevention in over 225 peer review medical journals. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthopedic Science and Research, Executive Editor or the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care, Chief Editor, Advances in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Journal and editorial board for over 40 peer review medical journals. He is a much sought-after speaker both to the general public and at CME credentialed medical conferences. He has given over 1000 live presentations and lectured at over 70 medical conferences to over 50,000 doctors in more than 20 countries. He has been invited to speak at over 400 medical conferences in over 50 international cities in 30 countries. He has been invited as the keynote speaker at over 60 medical conferences. After his groundbreaking lecture on the Integrated Spring-Mass Model at the World Congress of Sports and Exercise Medicine he was presented with an Honorary Fellowship Award by a member of the royal family, the Sultan of Pahang, for his distinguished research and contributions to the advancement of Sports and Exercise Medicine on an International level. He was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Personal Trainers Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr Stoxen has a big reputation in the entertainment industry working as a doctor for over 150 tours of elite entertainers, caring for over 1000 top celebrity entertainers and their handlers. Anthony Field or the popular children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, wrote a book, How I Got My Wiggle Back detailing his struggles with chronic pain and clinical depression he struggled with for years. Dr Stoxen is proud to be able to assist him. Physicians Medical Technologies does business as Team Doctors®, a medical device company that provides high end vibration massage tools. In 2012, the Massage Assist Pro was cleared by the FDA. Today the Massage Assist® is sold in 13 countries. In late 2019, Team Doctors launched the Vibeassage® which was cleared by the FDA in 2019 and has sold thousands of units around the world. Dr Stoxen can be reached directly at

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