Dr James Stoxen DC FSSEMM Hon Team Doctors Newspaper Article Fitness Community Conversation by By James Janega Chicago Tribune 2012

Newspaper Article, Fitness Community Conversation, by By James Janega, Chicago Tribune

  Dr. James Stoxen DC of Team Doctors Treatment Center in Chicago joined 26 other community health and fitness enthusiasts for a Trib Nation fitness community conversation lunch. Tribune host and health writer Julie Deardorff shared with selected guests and journalists about what fitness meant to them. Their passions and personal stories were inspirational. Fitness Community Conversation By.


  Interview by Sharmila Valli Narayanan May 16, 2012 Dr James Stoxen is a well-known figure among rock stars and celebrities in the United States. He is a star in the world of chiropractors and an advocate of running barefoot. Sharmila Valli Narayanan meets up with the man with the magic touch who literally brings back the spring.

FRONT PAGE ARTICLE – Tuned To the Power of Chiropractic Care – The Story of How Anthony Field Got His Wiggle Back

    Wiggling To Wellness With Chiropractic Care written by Brenda Duran, Senior Associate Editor Dynamic Chiropractic – April 22, 2012, Vol. 30, Issue 09 Great News!!! Don Peterson put a fantastic article on the front page of the Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine this week! Dynamic Chiropractic is the most widely read magazine in the chiropractic profession.

BEIJING NEWS: 最佳走姿:“环”着走,像螃蟹横着走 Beijing News Interviews Dr James Stoxen DC – Incorrect Walking Form May Cause Back Weakness And Pain (Chinese Version)

最佳走姿:“环”着走,像螃蟹横着走 www.thebeijingnews.com · 2008-11-11 3:54:20 · 来源: 新京报 ■ 对话 记者(以下简称记):你认为正确的走姿是什么样? 詹姆士·史道克森(以下简称詹):根据我的研究,一个人每天约有10000步的积累,不正确行走会对至少10个关节产生影响,并导致关节炎。最放松的方式是赤脚,落地方式为脚外侧面先着地,然后是前掌、后掌,这样“环”着走,充分利用足部肌肉的弹性。行走路线像螃蟹一样横着走,而不是一成不变地纵着走 记:很多人的走姿都是从小自然养成,需要专门教孩子走路吗? 詹:要定期查看孩子的行走姿态,如果不正确就需要学习。大家都喜欢按摩脚,这是因为你的脚处于一种不正确位置。当按摩后疼痛“不见了”,很多人就以为“病好了”。其实这是“7”级以下的静脉炎症反应不能感受到,炎症还在继续发展。在我的治疗方案中,首先是“足弓缓释术”,即释放足弓的弹性,让足回到自然的状态。 记:中国著名运动员刘翔在本次奥运会中退出比赛,他的脚伤应该在7级以上,你认为他需要做手术吗? 詹:刘翔因伤退赛的视频我反复看过,他的鞋底较薄,带有掌钉,主要用于抓地。但在飞跑中,身体重量几乎都落在足弓上。跑步越快,足部压力就越大,“疼痛的积累”就越深。至于是否需要手术,如果有机会我能亲自看一下才好。 记:什么样的鞋子最有利于脚的健康? 詹:对脚最健康的鞋是鞋帮稍硬,包裹脚后跟部较紧,可保护脚踝不会随便移位;而前端则“留有余地”,让脚能“环”着走路,但也不能太松。最好买比自己的脚大一号或半号的鞋。 相关新闻

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