The Foundation For Chiropractic Progress Officially Announces Anthony Field (Wiggles) As A Spokesperson For 2012 At The Parker Seminar Las Vegas


The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, Officially announces Anthony Field (Wiggles) as a Spokesperson for 2012 at the Parker Seminar  Las Vegas.

The event started off with a very classy fashion show produced by Dillards Department Stores featuring Foundation board members modeling Dillards clothing.  All purchases of Dillards clothing that weekend yielded a 10% donation to the foundation.

Board members modeling in this show featured Carol Ann Malizia, DC, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker Seminars and Parker University, Dr. Gilles Lamarche DC, Vice President of Seminars and Development at Parker College of Chiropractic, Kent Greenawalt, President and CEO of Foot Levelers and the Chairman of the Board for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Kent Greenawalt, the Chairman of the Board for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress then proudly introduced this video by Anthony Field from the Wiggles, watch on youtube now

In the video he discusses his story about the adventures of being a children’s entertainer to one of the unmatched joys of singing and dancing in front of over a million people every year. Eight years ago he thought he would have to give that all away.

He was addled by chronic back and neck pain and he had a strain of digestive and food insensitivity issues that accentuated his general ill health which fueled the clinical depression he battled for years. It got to the point where he couldn’t continue. He was smiling on stage and in agony behind the scenes.

He found relief with chiropractic care, which inspired him to write the book How I Got My Wiggle Back and now Anthony Field is a proud supporter and spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Dr James Stoxen DC and Dr Richard Gringeri at the Parker Seminar

                                  Dr James Stoxen DC and Dr Richard Gringeri DC

Kent Greenawalt, went on and proudly introduced Olympian and Coach of the US Olympic Water Polo Team for the 2012 Olympic Games, Dr. Terry Schroeder DC (photo with Dr. Stoxen), retired Marine Col. Dr. Mark Losack DC who is a chiropractor and retired Brigadier General Becky Halstead, another spokesperson for Chiropractic who also modeled for the audience.

Dr Terry Schroeder DC and Dr James Stoxen DC Parker Seminar                                       Dr Mark Losack and Dr James Stoxen DC Parker Seminar

    Dr Terry Schroeder DC (left) and Dr Mark Losack (right) with Dr James Stoxen DC

Dr. Terry Schroeder DC got up to remind the chiropractors to become monthly contributors to the Foundation for Chiropractic Process here.  Dr James Stoxen DC, president of Team Doctors is a monthly contributor to the Foundation and encourages you to be one too.

Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) He is the president of Team Doctors®, Treatment and Training Center Chicago. Dr Stoxen is a #1 International Bestselling Author of the book, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He has lectured at more than 20 medical conferences on his Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and asked to publish his research on this approach to treating thoracic outlet syndrome in over 30 peer review medical journals. He has been asked to submit his other research on the human spring approach to treatment, training and prevention in over 225 peer review medical journals. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthopedic Science and Research, Executive Editor or the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care, Chief Editor, Advances in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Journal and editorial board for over 40 peer review medical journals. He is a much sought-after speaker both to the general public and at CME credentialed medical conferences. He has given over 1000 live presentations and lectured at over 70 medical conferences to over 50,000 doctors in more than 20 countries. He has been invited to speak at over 400 medical conferences in over 50 international cities in 30 countries. He has been invited as the keynote speaker at over 60 medical conferences. After his groundbreaking lecture on the Integrated Spring-Mass Model at the World Congress of Sports and Exercise Medicine he was presented with an Honorary Fellowship Award by a member of the royal family, the Sultan of Pahang, for his distinguished research and contributions to the advancement of Sports and Exercise Medicine on an International level. He was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Personal Trainers Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr Stoxen has a big reputation in the entertainment industry working as a doctor for over 150 tours of elite entertainers, caring for over 1000 top celebrity entertainers and their handlers. Anthony Field or the popular children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, wrote a book, How I Got My Wiggle Back detailing his struggles with chronic pain and clinical depression he struggled with for years. Dr Stoxen is proud to be able to assist him. Physicians Medical Technologies does business as Team Doctors®, a medical device company that provides high end vibration massage tools. In 2012, the Massage Assist Pro was cleared by the FDA. Today the Massage Assist® is sold in 13 countries. In late 2019, Team Doctors launched the Vibeassage® which was cleared by the FDA in 2019 and has sold thousands of units around the world. Dr Stoxen can be reached directly at

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