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Dr. James Stoxen DC

Herald Sun
Cheryl Critchley
September 24, 2007

BLUE Wiggle Anthony Field, 44, almost died on his 2003 honeymoon with wife Miki when a tooth infection spread to the bones in his face.

Field became infected after having work done on his teeth, which had always been weak. In the two years it took to diagnose the problem, he often had to put on his Wiggle smile while enduring pain and dizziness.

Field, 44, told the Herald Sun he was rushed into the operating room after collapsing on his 2003 honeymoon with wife Miki. “I left it for a couple of years,” he said. “I had pain in my teeth for years.  “I was having dizzy spells and fainting on my honeymoon. “I collapsed and they took me to hospital and they had to scrape my bones from this infection. “It was all through my skull, it was terrible.

” The infection, with chronic back pain, made life hell for the Wiggle known for his love of tucking in healthy food. “I was in this incredible pain,” he said.

“I was a mess. I just didn’t care about what I ate so I was overweight. I was puffy and lethargic.”Halfway through a concert I’d go off stage because my back was hurting so much I’d have to lie down on the ground beside the stage while the show’s on and get someone to sort of try to crack the back a bit.”

Now a picture of health, Field features in a four-week Herald Sun Health and Fitness series with fellow Wiggles Murray Cook, Sam Moran and Jeff Fatt.

The Wiggles have always promoted children’s health, and the series endorses healthy exercises and nutrition for pre-schoolers. Field kicks it off today, revealing how he transformed his diet after his 2003 health scare. He lost almost 10kg and is now pain-free. “I went down the traditional medicine course, which was to get the operation, which fixed me, and that saved my life,” he said.  “Then after that I went, ‘OK, how do I get myself not feeling so sluggish, to rehabilitate myself?’ ”

US chiropractor James Stoxen helped Field transform his diet and fitness, which helped ease the back pain. 

Field now takes a special pull-up pole, which fits on a doorway, on tour so he can exercise. “Every time you get off the ground either hanging on a bar or supporting yourself, you lengthen out your spine and you develop your core muscles such as stomach and your arms,” he said. “You use all your body instead of just isolated body muscles.

“The father of three children under four now shuns soft drinks, processed and fried food, biscuits and cake. His only “unhealthy” indulgences are his daily coffee and an occasional lolly or bowl of ice cream.

“Once you get rid of the taste you’re fine,” he said.”It’s been four years since I had bread. I used to love bread. I used to eat a loaf of bread in one sitting.”

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