Dr. James Stoxen DC, Lectures At The Health Freedom Expo Long Beach California, March 3 2013


Dr. James Stoxen DC Lectures At
The Health Freedom Expo
Long Beach, California
March 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm (PST) room 203 A
Health Freedom Expo
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In just a few days, leaders in the natural health field, exhibitors with cutting-edge information, and health enthusiasts from all over the nation will come together to celebrate health and health freedom. Over 150 natural health exhibitors will feature the latest products and hands on demonstrations to help maximize your health.

The Health Freedom Expo is the premier natural and alternative health event in the country. Featuring over 90 top international, national and local celebrities and dynamic health experts, our attendees are empowered by quality information. The Mission of the Health Freedom Expo is to bring the finest natural health information, products and services to the public. The smart health care consumer knows that getting and staying well is only part of a healthy lifestyle. People want answers about affordable health care; to understand health care reform; how to use food as medicine; how to prevent ill health rather than create it; how to deal with illnesses that affect the whole family; and most of all, how to thrive in this climate of change called the “new normal.”

Dr. Stoxen has also lectured at The Health Freedom Expo in Schaumburg IL  this past June 17, 2012. To see a list of speakers and events from the expo, click here
for more information visit the Health Freedom Expo website, click here

Dr. James Stoxen DC lectures on Sunday March 3 at 2:00 pm (PST) room 203 A

Lecture Title:  Disconnecting The Inflammation-Depression Connection
Lecture Description:
You may have seen all the media on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Today Show, and many others about how Wiggle front man, Anthony Field, one of many celebrities with depression, that was handicapped by chronic pain, chronic fatigue, misdiagnosed fibromyalgia and clinical depression during his 20 years on the road.

Watch Anthony Field’s interviews on CNN and The Today Show where he discusses the inflammation-depression connection approach;

CNN Shanon Cook Interviews Anthony Field, a celebrity with depression who had what he called a mental breakdown but not a nervous breakdown.  He healed himself by disconnecting the Inflammation-Depression Connection, one of the theories of depression Dr Stoxen mentions in this article and presentation. click here

THE TODAY SHOW! Anthony Field Shares How an All Natural Approach and Surviving Depression, click here

Dr James Stoxen DC signing autographs for, "How I Got My Wiggle Back" at the Health Freedom Expo 2013

Dr James Stoxen DC signing autographs for, “How I Got My Wiggle Back” at the Health Freedom Expo 2013

Updated: in the picture on the right you will see Dr. Stoxen autograph signing on the book, “How I Got My Wiggle Back”
Depression represents a major public health problem. It is estimated that up to 16 – 20% of the population has had depression at any one time and that 5 to 7% of the population is assumed to suffer from major depression. Studies have also shown that there is a correlation between chronic depression and the development of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’ and dementia in later life.
There is substantial literature linking inflammation with the risk for depression. The purpose of Dr. Stoxen’s presentation is to list the inflammatory mediators and their link to depression. Patients with inflammatory disorders such as MS, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Increase inflammatory cytokine expression and the development of concurrent psychiatric symptoms were initially observed after administration of cytokine therapy to patients afflicted with cancer hepatitis and MS. It has been found that patients with depression have high levels of inflammatory biomarkers. This suggests that inflammation can be a mediator for depression.
The purpose of this presentation is to review these studies and determine their potential to lead to interventions which may reduce the risks for inflammatory diseases of aging such as osteoarthritis cardiovascular disease and his symptoms related to varying degrees of depression.
Depression it is obviously a stress sensitive disorder, however the actual causal mechanism for their relationship is unknown. Research team led by Carnegie melon University’s Sheldon: has found that chronic psychological stresses associated with the bodies losing it’s ability to regulate the inflammatory response which can promote the development and progression of the disease called depression. So while inflammation can cause or be linked to depression, and the stress and depression can also be linked back to inflammation.
Aging is also associated with increased likelihood of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. A part despite improving knowledge is of underlying mechanisms of chronic pain many patients who have chronic pain receive inadequate care both short-term and long-term. Also being  discussed are some novel ways to reduce chronic pain, chronic inflammation and disability dust reducing overall inflammation and possibly reducing the risk of the development and exacerbation of chronic depression.
Dr. Stoxen will also discuss the treatments, which can and may reduce depression. Currently antidepressants only produce remission in 30% of patients. The part of the problem is that the pathophysiology of depression has not been well understood and treatments are based on empirical data and not on the mechanisms or causes of action. Many research studies suggest that addressing pro-inflammatory cytokine production represents a possible strategy to treat depression besides the use of psychotropic drugs.
This will include the relationship between dietary influences and the risk of depression, and fatty acid supplementation for the fresh and add the adiposity risk factors for childhood and adult onset depression. Dr. Stoxen will also discuss the role of inactivity in inflammation and end depression as well as the effects of exercise and the increase and decrease of inflammation associated with exercise.
Dr. Stoxen will discuss natural ways to decrease levels of systemic inflammation both from a treatment and preventive approach to use with or without psychotropic drugs.


Friday March 1, 2013 Schedule:

Kerri McDaniel de Rivera – 10:00 AM – room 203B
Kerri is the certified biomedical consultant for AutismO2, Curando El Autismo, and Venciendo el Autismo. She lectures internationally on MMS for autism and has worked with over 3,000 families worldwide.
Lecture Title: Healing Autism
Lecture Description: This presentation is an in-depth look at the protocol that has helped 68+ children recover from an autism diagnosis. If you’re interested in healing ASDs, this information is for you.
Roland Thomas – 11:00 AM – room 202C
Founder of BioAge, editor of its health-letter, Roland has studied eastern energy and self-healing arts such as yoga and QiGong. Author of Awakening the Genius Within, he is a Science graduate from the University of Montreal and Naturopath from Trinity College.
Lecture Title: Wellness At Warp Speed
Lecture Description: Since all foods carry potential to raise or lower your energy, choose wisely. Mr. Thomas introduces quantum nutrition; 20 years of Russian research in advance delivery of micro nutrients that efficiently nourish critical organs of the brain.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield – 11:00 AM – room 203B
Dr. Andrew Wakefield is an academic Gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School. He has authored Callous Disregard, Waging War on the Autistic Child, and numerous scholarly papers.
Lecture Title: Whistle Blowing In The Public Interest: Reason and Recrimination
Lecture Description: Scientists working on controversial issues – particularly those that question government policy and threaten pharmaceutical industry profiteering – face unprecedented recrimination. PR strategies that target such individuals are vulnerable to a commitment to seeking truth. This talk addresses these issues in the context of vaccine injury.
Diane Miller – 11:00 AM – room 203AB
Diane Miller is  an Attorney,  Legal and Public Policy Director for The National Health Freedom Coalition; co-founder of National Health Freedom Coalition; co-Moderator of the US Health Freedom Congress. Creates legislation to protect dietary supplements, access to homeopaths, herbalists, naturopaths, practitioners and healers.
Lecture Title: What Bills Are Threatening Your Health Freedom?
Lecture Description: Help protect your health freedoms! Learn about the most urgent legislative threats to your freedoms. Learn about critical state legislative bills needing action and what the national and international laws and trade agreements are that jeopardize your health freedoms.
Shelley Redford Young – 11:00 AM – room 201
A prolific writer, Shelly co-authored The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss and author of the best selling recipe books Back to the House of Health 1 and 2.
Lecture Title: Where The Science Of Food Meets The Taste Of Health
Lecture Description: Discover the nutritional facts of why alkalizing your blood and tissues through diet and lifestyle guarantees optimum health and ideal weight. Beyond that, it can literally save your life and keep you “youth-inized” as the most effective natural anti- aging agent.
Sherry Brescia – 12:00 PM – room 202AB
Sherry Brescia is a best-selling author and former IBS sufferer. She has spent 28 years researching how diet affects health. She has helped thousands overcome digestive issues with her Great Taste No Pain plan.
Lecture Title: The Importance of a Proper Acid/Alkaline Balance
Lecture Description: Sherry Brescia explains the importance of maintaining an alkaline pH and the health consequences of having a pH that’s too acidic and how one’s diet can help encourage alkalinity.
Dr. Robert O. Young – 12:00 PM – room 201
Over the past twenty years, Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young have aided the healing of thousands of people with their alkaline diet and lifestyle. This New Biology® is outlined in their top-selling book series, The pH Miracle.
Lecture Title:  Achieve Ultimate Health and Vitality With the Alkaline Lifestyle and Diet
Lecture Description: For over 30 years Dr. Young has researched the alkaline design of the body. Achieve ultimate health by using the alkaline lifestyle and diet. Uncover the causes of diseases and how to prevent them by keeping the channels of the elimination open.
Dr. David Kennedy – 12:00 PM – room 202C
David C. Kennedy DDS is a past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and is currently their Information Officer on fluoride.
Lecture Title:  An American Tragedy: The Destruction of Health By Government Policy
Lecture Description: Among the many ways we can enhance our own health the more compelling argument is to change damaging government policies. Learn what you can do to correct policies that affect everyone in our country.
David Sandoval – 12:00 PM – room 202C
David Sandoval is an in-demand lecturer, entrepreneur, nutritionist, activist, personality, author, and authority on whole food nutrition and disease prevention. Sandoval has personally helped several celebrities and industry-types accomplish their health goals through his guidance and products.
Lecture Title:  Celebrity Transformation Challenge – Lose 5-20 pounds in 10 days
Lecture Description: David Sandoval shares the secrets to transforming your body and breaking your addiction to food in 10 days. These programs are used by celebrities and entertainers and are now available everyone. Learn more, save money and get started on your transformation.
Jonathan Emord – 2:00 PM – room 203a
Jonathan Emord, a constitutional and administrative lawyer in Washington, D.C. is the he author of The Rise of Tyranny and Global Censorship of Health Information, he has defeated the FDA in federal court eight times. Visit Emord.org.
Lecture Title: Replacing FDA’s Broken Drug Approval Process
Lecture Description: The FDA is broken. A captive of the drug industry, it leaves the public unprotected allowing unsafe drugs into the marketplace creating a legacy of death and permanent disability. Find out how to replace it with one that works.
Dr. Dean Ornish – 2:00 PM- room 201
Directed clinical research demonstrating comprehensive lifestyle changes can reverse coronary heart disease without drugs or surgery. Adviser on the Affordable Health Care Act; Founder of Preventive Medicine Research Institute; Clinical Professor of Medicine at UC, San Francisco.
Lecture Title:  The Power of Personalized Lifestyle Changes
Lecture Description: Dr. Ornish reveals the power of proven strategies to make comprehensive, personalized lifestyle changes based on your needs, genes and preferences by using low-tech, low-cost, ancient interventions that are medically cost effective and long lasting.
Paul Nison – 2:00 PM – room 202AB
Paul Nison, Raw Foods Chef, Educator, has been eating a raw food diet since he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis years ago. Paul stopped eating all cooked foods. Today he is 100% free of this “incurable disease”.
Lecture Title: Making the Raw Food Diet Work For You
Lecture Description: After 15 years of eating a 100% raw vegan diet Paul made some important discoveries. Paul will discuss the best way to apply this to your life so as not to encounter issues many long time raw fooders have.
A.J. Lanigan – 2:00 PM – room 203B
A.J. Lanigan, a So. Carolina College of Pharmacy graduate with over 20 years experience in the field of immunology, lectures extensively at hospitals and medical universities and frequents numerous radio and TV talk shows discussing the immune system.
Lecture Title: Cancer and the Immune Response
Lecture Description: Many debate the origins of cancer but all agree that a healthy and fully functional immune response is key to prevention or return to health if cancer strikes. Learn how you can “choose” your level of immune response.
Laura Fettig and Bill Tufts – 2:00 PM – room 203C
As a radio show producer, Laura Fettig gained access to significant practitioners and products in all areas of health. Laura is the Director of Education for Orange TKO. She is also a trained Minister in Spiritual Coaching and a certified Theta Healing Practitioner.
Organic Orange TKO’s President, Bill Tufts, an internationally recognized environmental attorney. The University of Arizona reports that d’limonene has cancer protecting properties against a variety of cancers.
Lecture Title: Home Safety with Non-Toxic Products
Tsu-Tsair Chi, PhD – 3:00 PM – room 203C
Chi’s Enterprise has marketed science-based herbal supplements such as Myomin for improving hormone-related problems and OxyPower for promoting mitochondrial DNA repair, and improving the heart, lungs energy and anti-aging.chi-health.
Lecture Title: Fingernail and Tongue Analysis for Hormone, Diabetes, Heart and Cancer Issues
Lecture Description: Learn how to detect early physical markers that correlate to various health conditions. Also learn about effective herbal supplements such as Myomin for estrogen-dominant conditions, OxyPower for the lungs, the heart, energy and mitochondrial efficiency, and Vein Lite for cardiovascular conditions.
Judith Masters – 3:00 PM – room 202AB
Judith Masters holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in liberal arts, engineering and education. She pursued her interest in natural health following nearly 15 years as an engineer and corporate educator. She specializes in common sense approaches to wellness using Flower Essences.
Lecture Title: Integrating Flower Remedies to Facilitate Healing
Lecture Description: When healing isn’t forthcoming using our chosen supplements/protocols, look to Bach Flowers and other Flower Remedies to provide the “gentle nudge” toward more favorable responses. Join Judith for this interactive lecture, offering audience participation and the answers to your questions!
Paul Pereira – 4:00 PM – room 202C
Paul was raised with natural remedies and alternative medicine. He has over 3 decades of marketing experience and serves on the board of directors at Safe Connect Plus+, an bio-energetic EMF shield manufacturing company.
Lecture Title: Our Electric Body–How it Works
Lecture Description: EMF Dangers and Solutions–Are you sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired’? Need energy, balance and relief? Learn what university professors teach about how electric magnetic waves are stressing us out and what you can do to defend yourself.
Liam Scheff – 4:00 PM – room 203A
As a journalist, Liam Scheff has broken national stories of pharmaceutical corruption. Liam is author of the highly-praised book “Official Stories,” and a co-host on the Robert Scott Bell show.
Lecture Title:  Liam Scheff’s Official Stories
Lecture Description: Why is everything you read in the newspaper a lie? Because “official stories exist to protect officials.” From government to healthcare, vaccines to “HIV testing,” and into today’s sciences – astronomy, evolutionary biology and beyond – the official story we’re told is far from true.
Dr. John Apsley – 4:00 PM – room 202AB
Dr. John W. Apsley, II, Founder of the International College of Colloidal Therapeutics (ICCT), is an Eclectic medical physician and author of Fukushima Meltdown: What You Must Know and Do To Protect You and Your Family
Lecture Title: Cancer’s Rosetta Stone Discovered
Lecture Description: Cancer cells kill us because they jam their own cell death button in the OFF position. Learn how a major breakthrough in cellular regeneration instantly un-jams the button right back to ON.
Robert Scott Bell – 5:00 PM – room 202AB
Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom., homeopathic practitioner, expert in silver therapeutics, has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within us all. He broadcasts six days a week to 300,000+ listeners. He reveals revolutionary new healing protocols in ways unapproved by government agencies!
Lecture Title: Restoring Immunity and Health Sovereignty: The Power to Heal is Yours!
Lecture Description: From gastrointestinal recovery to concerns about asthma, allergies, lung infections, HPV, chronic immune diseases, skin disorders and more, get the information you need to fully support your good health.
Helen L. Irlen, MA, BCPC, LMFT – 5:00 PM – room 203B
Helen L. Irlen, MA, BCPC, LMFT, Executive director, Irlen Institute; school psychologist; educational therapist; author of Reading by the Colors: A Piece of the Puzzle and The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life.
Lecture Title: A Brain-Based Intervention for Sensory Overload
Lecture Description: Minimizing sensory bombardment should be an essential part of the treatment program for many with ASD. The Irlen Method filters visual information, providing a calm, clear, stable environment, health, and well- being.
Dr. Dean Ornish – 5:00 PM – room 201
Directed clinical research demonstrating comprehensive lifestyle changes can reverse coronary heart disease without drugs or surgery. Adviser on the Affordable Health Care Act; Founder of Preventive Medicine Research Institute; Clinical Professor of Medicine at UC, San Francisco.
Workshop: Lasting, Low Cost, High Impact Lifestyle Changes That Work
Lecture Description: Dr. Ornish shares the major lifestyle change strategies he’s discovered over 30 years of research that work. Learn how to make and maintain these changes and how to create individualized ways of eating and living that are based on your needs, genes and preferences. Further, he describes the many health policy implications of comprehensive lifestyle changes that are long lasting and medically cost effective.
Lynnette Pate – 5:00 PM – room 202C
Lynnette is a student of natural and holistic health and nutrition. A ‘Patient Expert’, she became well educated and enlightened after 2 near death experiences with her son. She bicycle tours across the nation to enlighten the world one pedal at a time.
Lecture Title: Fuel for the Body: Heal your body and reverse diseases with REAL food.
The lies, deceit and deception that the food industry, doctors and Merck tell you Lynnette knows FIRST hand, as she and her son were the ‘experiment’ and met with them face to face.
Dr. Theresa Dale – 5:00 PM – room 202AB
Author, lecturer, Dean and Founder of the California College of Natural Medicine, Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy. Dr. Dale has revolutionized the way women can naturally rejuvenate their hormone levels as their bodies begin to go through the “change.”
Lecture Title: Anti-Aging and Neuro Endocrine Regulation
Lecture Description: Learn to reduce your biological age, repair your methylation pathway (decrease homocysteine levels) and repair the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway to correct neurological issues, stabilize blood sugar and encourage natural Human Growth Hormone Production while balancing your cortisol levels.
Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff – 7:00 PM – room 203A
Lecture Title: The Hidden History of Modern Medicine
Lecture Description:Have we been sold a bill of goods by the pharma-medical complex? Has everything we’ve been told a lie? Join radio’s Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff for 90 minutes of full-frontal truth telling, featuring Liam’s “Official Stories,” and the new RSB show comic book.
Karen Kain – 7:00 PM – room 203B
Karen Kain, founder of Lorrin’s World, was a parent for 15 years until the death of her beautiful daughter Lorrin, injured by her DPT vaccine at 6 weeks old.
Lecture Title: When You are the Parent: Raising a Child with a Disability
Lecture Description: Karen Kain spent 15 years raising her daughter Lorrin, who was medically fragile, cortically blind, nonverbal, and a quadriplegic with an uncontrolled seizure disorder. Discover tips and tools for creating a life filled with enrichment and success for you and your child.


Saturday March 2, 2013 Schedule:

Daniel Rossignol, MD, FAAFP – 10:00 AM – room 203B
Daniel A. Rossignol, MD, FAAFP, is president of the Medical Association of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS). www.medmaps.org.  His Rossignol Medical Center is in Irvine, CA.
Lecture Title: Medication Overview in ASD
Lecture Description: Widely published clinician and researcher Dr. Daniel Rossignol will give an important overview of medications and interventions in the autism arena.
Dr. Joel Wallach – 10:00 AM – room 201
A veterinarian, naturopathic physician, author and lecturer who played a major role in the development of the market of liquid vitamin-mineral supplements. He’s nationally known through his widely distributed audiotape, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.
Greta Blackburn – 10:00 AM – room 201C
Greta Blackburn is an anti-aging expert and fitness pioneer and the co-author of The Immortality Edge, the mainstream bible on Telomere Biology.
Lecture Title: Health and Longevity Secrets of the Rich and Famous
Lecture Description: Discover health and longevity secrets that only Hollywood hotshots and billionaires have been privy to…from telomere support products to supplements, music and games that keep the brain active, and ways to work your body into its best shape ever.
Kelli Molthen, DC – 10:00 AM – room 203A
Dr. Molthen is the director of patient education for all of the Knee Center clinics. She is a doctor of chiropractic.
Lecture Title: Got Knee Pain?
Lecture Description: Knee Centers provides accurate diagnosis and excellent patient care in a friendly and comfortable setting. Our program helps people improve their everyday life through non-surgical treatment. All at a lower cost, better health outcome.
Elsie Belcheff – 11:00 AM – room 203A
Elsie Belcheff Medical intuitive, Certified Herbologist and Certified Lymphologist, and Author of the book “The Wonders of Purslane (2012)”. Elsie spent 13 years successfully studying and documenting thousands of individual cases as they followed her recommended protocol.
Lecture Title: Key to All Diseases is Prevention
Lecture Description: Learn smart ways to fight parasites, toxic chemicals, bacteria’s and improve your well being. Learn the potential of harmful side effects of these invaders and where they come from.
Roland Thomas – 11:00 AM – room 202C
Founder of BioAge, editor of its health-letter, Roland has studied eastern energy and self-healing arts such as yoga and QiGong. Author of Awakening the Genius Within, he is a Science graduate from the University of Montreal and Naturopath from Trinity College.
Lecture Title: Wellness at Warp Speed
Lecture Description: Since all foods carry potential to raise or lower your energy, choose wisely. Mr. Thomas introduces quantum nutrition; 20 years of Russian research in advance delivery of micro nutrients that efficiently nourish critical organs of the brain.
Mary Joann Lang PhD, ABPN, BCBA-D and Melaura Erickson-Tomaino, PhD, BCBA-D – 11:00 AM – room 203B
An educator, psychologist, and nurse practitioner, Dr. Mary Joann Lang founded Beacon Day School and the Beacon Autistic Spectrum Independence Center. She is an associate professor at Azusa Pacific University.
Dr. Melaura Erickson-Tomaino serves as the director of the behavioral program at Beacon Day School. She coordinates behavioral assessment and develops and implements behavioral plans.
Lecture Title: Take-home Autism Strategies for Your Child’s BASIC Needs
Lecture Description: What happens at 3pm? Get practical tips to structure the home, create learning opportunities, and reinforce desired behavior for your child, adolescent, or teenager on the spot. Progress is BASIC! 
Jordan Rubin – 11:00 AM – room 201
Innovator, speaker, author, natural health and nutrition expert, Rubin foundered Garden of Life, the whole food nutritional supplement company and Beyond Organic, specializing in organic foods, beverages, skin and body care products farming 9,000 organic acres.
Lecture Title: Live Beyond Organic – Seven Secrets to Super Health
Lecture Description: NY Times bestselling author of The Maker’s Bible, Rubin shows how to regenerate your health, stave off hunger, balance your blood sugar, create a three-day detox plan and build your body to increase strength and stamina.
Jonathan Emord – 12:00 PM – room 203A
Jonathan Emord, a constitutional and administrative lawyer in Washington, D.C. is the he author of The Rise of Tyranny and Global Censorship of Health Information, he has defeated the FDA in federal court eight times.
Lecture Title: Beware of Unsafe Drugs in the Medical Marketplace
Lecture Description: Why are many drugs approved over the objection of FDA’s own medical reviewers? What are the most common examples? Who is to blame? Veteran constitutional lawyer Jonathan Emord invites you to become more involved in protecting yourself against unsafe drugs.
Glen Depke – 12:00 PM – room 202AB
Prior to moving to California, Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath was the Chief Nutritionist, EFT Therapist and Wellness Director for the world renowned clinic of Dr. Joseph Mercola. Glen was also the developer of Dr. Mercola’s system of Nutritional Typing as used on Mercola.com as well as his clinic.
Lecture Title: The PAIN of Inflammation
Lecture Description: Inflammation is often regarded to be at the core of all chronic illness, recognized as the problem when it is really a symptom of underlying challenges. Unfortunately this is often mishandled leading to even future complications, pain and health challenges.
Michelle Ortega, Esq and Heyman Hakimi – 12:00 PM – room 203B
Michelle Ortega has specialized in special education law since 2005. A graduate of Whittier Law School, she was a member of the special education clinic while working toward her JD.
Heyman Hakimi is a legal advocate with the Law Office of Michelle Ortega. Mr. Hakimi has represented families in numerous school districts in California.
Lecture Title: Blueprint to success: A parent’s guide to empowered educational advocacy for their child
A roadmap for parents to learn advocacy strategies for their child; a detailed review of Individual Education Plans and how a parent can ensure full input in their child’s education.
Patch Adams, MD – 12:00 PM – room 201
Physician, social activist, author and founder of the Gesundheit! Institute, this internationally known speaker approaches the issues of  health care system, wellness and humor with what Time Magazine calls a “zestful exuberance.”
Lecture Title: Humor and Health
Lecture Description: A look at the relationship between humor and the health of the individual, community or society. In this funny and inspirational lecture Patch discusses his 30+ years of clowning experience and his work with children.
Morley Robbins – 2:00 PM – room 202AB
Morley Robbins, a recovering hospital executive, is now a wellness coach and lay expert on Magnesium. His life is dedicated to saving one starfish at a time with Magnesium.
Lecture Title: Magnesium Deficiency: The Heart of the Matter
Lecture Description: The “heart healthy” diet has drained our bodies of Magnesium.
Wilbur Love – 2:00 PM – room 203A
Wilbur Love has been involved with Health Freedom Acts for quite some time. He is an entrepreneur of all natural health care.
Lecture Title: Health Freedom and Alternative Health Insurance
Lecture Description: The importance of Health Freedom Acts across the United States and how health freedom is now available through Alternative Health Group. Alternative Health Insurance is now available. Private membership association.
Dr. Dean Bonlie – 2:00 PM – room 202C
Dr. Bonlie has been involved in full time magnetic research since 1990. He invented the Magnetico Sleep Pad. Considered a biomagnetic expert, he lectures, teaches and is a frequent guest on radio and Internet talk shows.
Lecture Title: Neural Regeneration with Magnetism
Lecture Description: Dr. Bonlie will show tested scientific evidence on how a stronger uni-directional magnetic field matching that of the hemisphere in which you live can elicit nerve regeneration. Both laboratory and clinical studies will be presented. He will also discuss clinical cases of interest…with discussion time.
Esai Morales – 2:00 PM – room 201
Actor and activist for countless charitable organizations, Morales builds bridge of understanding between diverse communities. From social to environmental to political issues, as an innovator he’s helped found the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and the Earth Communications Office.
Lecture Title: Importance of Health Freedom
Lecture Description: We are slowly being isolated and stripped of our ability to remain healthy and free. Those of us with a voice have a responsibility to highlight and touch on these issues.
Dr. Lori Cardellino – 2:00 PM – room 203C
Dr. Lori, an industry leader in mercury-safe dentistry for over 20 years, speaks candidly about the mercury debate facing the planet. Informative, thought-provoking and controversial world health environmental issues discussed.
Lecture Title: Mercury Safe Dentistry
Lecture Description: Mercury is a world health environmental issue. This lecture is on why mercury needs to be controlled by the dental office and regulated. Dr. Lori is the founder of the American Green Dental Association.
Peter Goodgold – 3:00 PM – room 203A
Peter Goodgold opened the first raw food restaurant in Santa Monica in 1973 and helped create Healing Waters Health Spa in Arizona in 1976. Currently he is working on the feature film, The Wisdom of Water.
Lecture Title: Living Crystal Water, Live Longer Disease Free!
Lecture Description: Peter explains how consuming life-sustaining, living, crystal-alkalized, ionized alkaline water improves health, helps them lose weight, increases their sexual stamina and lengthens their lives. Reverse Osmosis, distilled and bottled waters are harmful, Alkaline Water is the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!
Cindy Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom – 3:00 PM – room 203B
Cindy Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom:  Homeopathy Center of Houston cofounder, Professional Sequential Homeopath, author, teacher, mother of a son recovered from Asperger’s, and notorious “rule-breaker” in the name of healing autism!
Lecture Title: Autism Recoveries Today — The Promise and Reality of Homeopathic Innovation
More and more children now recover from autism thanks to the Houston Homeopathy Method’s cutting-edge techniques and ongoing innovations. Hear the latest updates, refinements, and compelling, real-life case studies.
Dr. Nick Delgado – 3:00 PM – room 202AB
Nick Delgado, PhD, CHT, author of 10 scientifically reviewed books, Dr. Delgado is a Diplomat of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a graduate of USC. He offers coaching in Costa Mesa to clients all over the world.
Lecture Title: Love, Happiness, Hormones and Potent Herbs to live long and reverse diseases.
Learn how to apply effective principles of mind, body, spirit from 35 years of research and world record strength endurance accomplishments. Nick teaches how love, social connections and intimacy prolongs life with his controversial, yet well referenced talk “Stay Young.”
David Sandoval – 3:00 PM – room 203C
Lecture Title: Celebrity Transformation Challenge – Lose 5-20 pounds in 10 days
Susan Smith-Jones, MS, PhD – 3:00 PM – 202C
Internationally renowned motivational speaker and author of 25 books, including Walking on Air and The Joy Factor, Susan inspires her audiences to create high-level wellness, prosperity and success.
Lecture Title: Choose to Be Healthy and Celebrate Life
The most important relationship you have is with your own body. Susan offers simple steps to disease-proof and detoxify your body, look years younger, and glow with vitality and peacefulness.
John Hicks, MD and Betsy Hicks – 4:00 PM – 203B
John Hicks, MD, is the medical director of Elementals Living in Delavan, WI, having dedicated himself to the art and science of integrated holistic medicine for over 30 years.
Betsy Hicks is a diet counselor and author as well as the co founder of Elementals Living. Her work includes Picky Eating Solutions: Bringing the Joy of Real Food Back to the Table.
Lecture Title: From Bugs to Broccoli: Powering the Brain!
Lecture Description: This lecture will empower your family with brain powering foods for focus as well as optimal probiotics that improve brain function and endocrine balance as well as clear chronic infections.
Lew Lim – 4:00 PM – 203A
Lew Lim is the co-inventor of intranasal light therapy and an expert in therapeutic lights and holds several patents. He is an engineer from University of California, Berkeley.
Lecture Title: The Healing Power of Intranasal Light Therapy
Lecture Description: Our body can heal without medication. How do we trigger this ability? Learn about the science and evidence behind the amazing ability of intranasal light therapy to do this.
Cindy Sellers – 4:00 PM – 203C
Cindy became a healer in 1989 after reversing a back injury from a car wreck. Thus evolved Angel Farms, where emotional and spiritual healing is combined with colon hydrotherapy.
Lecture Title: You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore
Lecture Description: Cindy Mahealani Sellers will be presenting her book, You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore. It contains tools to help you in your journey of transformation of yourself and your world. Expect miracles!
Dr. Theresa Dale – 4:00 PM – 202AB
Author, lecturer, Dean and Founder of the California College of Natural Medicine, Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy. Dr. Dale has revolutionized the way women can naturally rejuvenate their hormone levels as their bodies begin to go through the “change.”
Lecture Title: How to Separate FACT from Bio-Identical Hormone HYPE
Lecture Description: Get all the facts about hormone replacement HRT including Bio-Identical hormone replacement. Learn to balance your endocrine system, eliminate menopausal symptoms and correct Low “T” using homeopathic medicine, food and herbs.
Jim Cartmill – 4:00 PM – 202C
Jim Cartmill’s experience spans both manufacturing and researching cutting-edge nutritional delivery systems. He has delivered Balanced Living presentations to over 1 million people from coast to coast and around the world.
Lecture Title: Liposomal Technology: The Promise of Maximizing Nutrient Absorption
Lecture Description: Only a small percentage of nutritional supplements are absorbed in traditional capsules and liquids. Liposomal delivery is a game-changer for those seeking dramatically increased absorption of nutrients to maximize health.
Donna Navarro – 5:00 PM – room 203A
Focus of the documentary film Cut Poison Burn Navarro lost their son when forced to abandon effective alternative cancer treatments in favor of “approved” treatments that were ineffective and harmful because the family physician filed charges with Child Protective Services.
Lecture Title: How To Be A Health Activist
A passionate and effective activist, Navarro shows how she introduced a bill into legislation and used social media to support her cause. She’s reached the congressional floor of Washington and developed connections with many major U.S. figures.
Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos – 5:00 PM – room 202AB
Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos-two-time cancer survivor who wrote Surviving Cancerland; former psychology professor at University of South Florida, hot line counselor for R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation; inspirational speaker and radio co-host of Beyond the 5 Senses.
Lecture Title: Taking Responsibility for your Healing by Accessing your Physician Within
Lecture Description: Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos twice survived cancer by believing her ‘physician within.’ Medical tests misdiagnosed her both times, but prayer and intuition told her the truth. Kathleen shares insights on using conventional and alternative therapies to counter a myopic medical system.
Ulysses Angulo – 5:00 PM – room 203C
Ulysses Angulo is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), and founder of Biostar Organix Healthcare Association (Since 2009). He specializes in Blood Type Science, Live/Dry Blood Microscopy, and Chi’s Enterprise science-based herbal supplements.
Lecture Title: Blood Type Foods
Lecture Description: An update on why foods make you sick, fat and inflamated–and what choices you can make to improve your health.
Teri Arranga, Candy Robles and Pastor Debra Gonzales – 7:00 PM – room 203B
Teri Arranga is the executive director of Autism One.
Candy Robles is the Worship Team Leader at New Wine Church in Fullerton, California.
Pastor Debra Gonzales is the Associate Pastor at Well of Life Church in Placentia, California.
Lecture Title: For the Sake of the Children
Lecture Description: God has the final word A personal story of Debra’s grandson who was born a perfectly healthy baby boy contrary to doctors’ prognosis and recommendations based on prenatal tests. God has the final word; every life must be given a chance!

Sunday March 3, 2013 Schedule:

Kristen Jones-Franchak, EdS and Edward Miguel, COO – 10:00 AM – 203B
Education specialist Kristen Franchak-Jones is the lead transition and high school teacher at Beacon Day School in LaPalma, CA, serving significantly challenged students, leading them in creating a successful microenterprise.
Edward Miguel is the chief operating officer of Beacon Day School and the Beacon Autistic Spectrum Independence Center (BASIC). He is responsible for leading the school toward innovative approaches to education.
Lecture Title: Innovative and Practical Uses of Technology for Autism at School and Home
Lecture Description:  Hear how to use the iPad to make life more functional, fun, and easy! And use data-capture technology to discover what sparks challenging behaviors, and stop them before they start!
Aubrey de Grey – 10:00 AM – room 201
World famous gerontologist, Cambridge scholar Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is not inevitable, but a disease that can be cured with an approach called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) that identifies and designs remedies for the components that cause human tissue to age.
Lecture Title: Regenerative Medicine for Aging: Recent Progress
Lecture Description: SENS Research Foundation develops regenerative medicine for aging: actually turning back the aging clock, not just slowing it down. Explore SENS’ seven-stream research program to reverse aging, and hear of some recent successes.
Peter Starr – 10:00 AM – room 202C
Peter Starr, international award winning filmmaker explains how, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, decided on an alternative treatment and how it changed his life.  His talk and 3 DVD set explores the reasons to consider natural healing protocols.
Lecture Title: I Survived Prostate Cancer without Surgery, Drugs or Radiation
Lecture Description: Diagnosed with prostrate cancer and given few treatment options, Starr documented his life-changing experience on film as he discovered alternative treatments. He traveled to three continents and interviewed 40 doctors. Now, he shares his wealth of information with you.
Dr. Hyla Cass – 10:00 AM – room 202AB
Nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative medicine, psychiatry and addiction recovery she appears on national television programs such as The Dr. Oz Show, E! Entertainment and The View and on radio and in print media.
Lecture Title: The Addicted Brain: How to Break Free, Naturally
Lecture Description: Learn how to drop your unhealthy cravings to sugar, caffeine, alcohol or drugs. Restore your brain balance with the right nutrients and feel calm, energetic, happy— all without a struggle.
Dr. John Bergman – 10:00 AM 203A
Dr. Bergman has an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and human physiology that few can match. He has a great passion for healing and regenerating the body’s recovery process.
Lecture Title: Arthritis Reversal
Lecture Description: How to naturally restore and regenerate the Human Body. Learn how to reverse ostio arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr. Michael Greger – 11:00 AM 202AB
Michael Greger, M.D., is a founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Hundreds of his videos are freely available at NutritionFacts.org, with a new video uploaded every day.
Lecture Title: Latest Nutrition Discoveries: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death
Lecture Description: Focusing on studies published just over the last year in medical journals, Dr. Greger offers practical advice on how best to eat to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease.
Chantal Sicile-Kira – 11:00 AM 203B
Chantal Sicile-Kira, author of five books and founder of AutismCollege.com, which provides practical information on autism, has served on the California Senate Select Committee on Autism & Related Disorders.
Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Youth Representative to the United Nations for the Autism Research Institute, is co-author of A Full Life with Autism. Jeremy was featured on MTV’s True Life in “I Have Autism.”
Lecture Title: A Full Life with Autism: A Mother and Son’s Journey to Young Adulthood
Lecture Description: Chantal and Jeremy Sicile-Kira, authors of A Full Life With Autism describe preparing the family for this transition and creating a circle of supports to last a lifetime. 
Christian Wilde – 11:00 AM – room 202C
Author of Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke, his newest book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, delves into the science of using one’s own stem cells for repairing the damaged heart.
Lecture Title: Alzheimers Disease Overview and Hope
Lecture Description: Including information about Adult Stem Cell Success for Spinal Injury, MS, Parkinson’s, Heart, Arthritis, Diabetes in FDA trials.
Dr. Stan Monteith – 11:00 AM – room 203A
He is a retired orthopedic surgeon who is currently on Radio Liberty. Dr. Monteith has been active in educating people about the dangers of fluoride and is the author of several books and videos.
Lecture Title: Why is Illness on the Increase in America?
Lecture Description: Why are the incidences of heart disease, diabetes and cancer increasing? Why does the FDA authorize the use of dangerous health care products while blocking safer ones? Is there a population control agenda? Get the answer to these and other intriguing socio/medical questions.
Joan Borysenko, PhD – 12:00 PM – 202AB
Joan Borysenko, PhD is a Harvard Medical School trained cell biologist, psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author. A pioneer in mind-body medicine, stress management, and human development she is a pioneer in the synthesis of science and spirit
Lecture Title: Resilience: How to Thrive in Times of Change
Lecture Description: Drawing on positive psychology, the mind-body connection, and the wisdom of mindfulness you will learn how to engage circumstances head on, stay present to what is, power up your right brain and open to the flow of life as it reveals itself.
Alex Jamieson – 12:00 PM – 202C
As seen on Oprah and Super Size Me, Author of The Great American Detox Diet, Living Vegan For Dummies and Vegan Cooking For Dummies. Alexandra is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Speaker and Chef.
Lecture Title: Cure Your Cravings, Love Your Life
Lecture Description: Oscar nominated nutrition expert Alex Jamieson tells you how to end your sabotaging food cravings once and for all, and finally feel control over your body and health!
Victoria Bloch – 12:00 PM -203A
A chapter leader for Weston A. Price Foundation, she was arrested in 2011 on raw milk charges while volunteering for a local farm, leading her to further engage in the politics of food and farming.
Lecture Title: How Do Trends In Agriculture and Food Manufacturing Affect Your Health?
Lecture Description: There are trends between agriculture, food manufacturing, public health initiatives, advertising and shopping which result in alarming rates of health issues like cancers, neurological issues, childhood development, diabetes, obesity and psychological disturbances. You can change this. Find out how. 
Dr. Joseph Sarkissian – 12:00 PM – 203B
Knowledgeable in the biological aspects of therapy and trained in homeopathy he has a state-of-the-art biological, mercury free dental practice in Glendale, California. He is a graduate of the dental school at the University of Goettingen, West Germany.
Lecture Title: Avoiding metals in dentistry and Zirconia ceramic implants.
Lecture Description: A summary on the deleterious effects of different metals in dentistry, and how modern technology allows us to avoid them altogether in our mouths, including the introduction of completely metal-free zirconia implants.
PANEL – 2:00 PM – room: 201
Lecture Description: Led by the pioneers in the their field, this panel will provide an exciting tour of the most recent discoveries in the key fields that impact how we age and explore the very real possibility that we can STOP AGING as we now know it.
Greta Blackburn – Co-Author of The Immortality Edge, the mainstream bible on Telomere Biology, Ms. Blackburn is an anti-aging expert and fitness pioneer. She has Co-Chaired think tanks with the leading scientists and researchers in the field.
Panel Members
Aubrey de Grey, PhD – The world’s most famous gerontologist, Cambridge scholar Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is not inevitable, but a disease that can be cured with an approach called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) that identifies and designs remedies for the components that cause human tissue to age.
David Kekich – The Founder of the Maximum Life Foundation and author of Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100, Mr. Kekich is considered one of the leading authorities on extreme life extension and sits on the board of several leading associations in the field.
Stephen Coles, MD, PhD – Dr. Coles was recently featured in WIRED Magazine as the most influential authority on research into super centenarians and has been the leader in his field long before it gained its newfound popularity.
Bryant Villeponteau, PhD – Known as the original “Dr. Telomere,” due to his groundbreaking research at Geron Corporation, Dr. Villeponteau continues to lead the way with his recent research on the conjunction of stem cells and telomeres.
Greg Fahy, PhD – Dr. Fahy is considered the top cryobiologist in the world. His research in organ preservation and options to extend life beyond organ failure is leading the way to eventual routine organ replacement.
Dan Holtz is a clinician at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Clinic who is spearheading the practical application of the work of cellular biologists, telomere experts and stem cell pioneers for patients who want optimal health and more years of vital, energetic living.
Peter Nygard – Founder of Canada’s largest fashion house, Peter Nygard is a philanthropist, tycoon, designer and now, pioneering lay expert in the emerging and exciting world of stem cells. He is also the focus of an upcoming HBO documentary on longevity.
Dr. Carolyn Dean – 2:00 PM – 202AB
Researcher, author, lecturer and award winner, Dr. Carolyn Dean has published her latest findings in The Magnesium Miracle on the effects of magnesium deficiency. The allopathic medical community has recognized and honored her work.
Lecture Title: Is There A Conspiracy That Makes You Magnesium Deficient?
Lecture Description: Magnesium is vital in 80% of your body’s biochemical reactions. Taking antacids, antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines and steroids depletes your store so why is there no test to diagnose a magnesium deficiency? Calcium is promoted excessively but not magnesium. Why? Find out and support your good health.
Dr. James Stoxen DC – 2:00 PM -203A
Noted speaker, owner of Team Doctors Chiropractic Treatment and Training Center which combines chiropractic care, therapy, rehabilitation and strength training; at 50 he competes in races as “the barefoot runner” and was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame.
Lecture Title:  Disconnecting the Inflammation-Depression Connection
Lecture Description: There is substantial scientific research linking inflammation with the risk for depression. Explore with Dr. Stoxen the studies that explain potential interventions that may reduce the risks for depression.
Alfred Hanser – 2:00 PM -202C
Alfred Hanser: Management Consultant for Fortune 500 companies in the health industry. Founded a multi million dollar medical device distribution company and an international wellness technology company.
Lecture Title: Effects Of Wireless Radiation On Our Health, Hydration, and Aging
Lecture Description: EMR from computers, cell-phones, many household appliances, WiFi, smart meters . . . Reputable scientists around the world have linked EMR to Alzheimer’s, autism, ADD/ADHD, auto-immune deficiencies, headaches, brain tumors and more.
Robert Scott Bell – 3:00 PM -203A
Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom., homeopathic practitioner, expert in silver therapeutics, has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within us all. He broadcasts six days a week to 300,000+ listeners. He reveals revolutionary new healing protocols in ways unapproved by government agencies!
Lecture Title: Respiratory Recovery–No More Allergies and Asthma
Lecture Description: Learn the difference between managing symptoms and genuine healing from all ailments related to your ability to truly breathe. Relieve and heal respiratory conditions including allergies, asthma, COPD, emphysema even TB by utilizing herbs, food grown nutrients, homeopathics and silver therapeutics.
Eric Herm – 3:00 PM – room 202C
Eric Herm is a 4th generation Texas farmer. He is the author of Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth and Surviving Ourselves. Eric is also featured in several documentaries including: Genetic Roulette, The War on Health, Open Sesame & Seeds of Death.
Lecture Title: Surviving Ourselves: A Food Revolution
Lecture Description: How and why we must radically change the food system in this country through sustainable living.
Cristina Adams, MFA – 3:00 PM – room 203B
Christina Adams, MFA, wrote A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention and Recovery. After working at the Pentagon, she writes on health topics. Credits include NPR, Washington Post, and WebMD.
Lecture Title: Practical Magic: The Benefits and Realities of Camel Milk Therapy for ASD and Other Diseases
Lecture Description: Camel milk is gaining remarkable praise for beneficial effects in ASD children and for diabetes and food allergies. Adams shares her unique experiences, information from global experts, and explains milk usage.
Joan Borysenko  Workshop – 3:00 PM – room 202AB
Joan Borysenko, PhD is a Harvard Medical School trained cell biologist, psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author. A pioneer in mind-body medicine, stress management, and human development she is a pioneer in the synthesis of science and spirit.
Workshop Title: Full Spectrum Health: Where Science and Spirit Meet
Workshop Description: Health is the product of our relationship with life on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. How we move, love, eat and think affect the brain circuits that create wellbeing and the culture medium in which our 50 trillion cells live.
Christie Dames – 4:00 PM – room 203B
As TechTalk|Studio CEO, Christie guides executives to unearth the “invisible” blocks to accomplishment and discover their authentic “personal capital” to create change.
Lecture Title: Autism’s Lessons for a Broader Spectrum: Unpacking Illness through Cross-Learning
Lecture Description: Hidden in the autism world are clues and answers for many complex illnesses plaguing our world. Cross-learning and informed exchange of symptoms, modalities, therapies, and practitioners can change the game.
Jeffrey Smith – 4:00 PM – room 201
International bestselling author of Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey M. Smith is a widely popular and leading spokesperson on the health risks of GMOs, and how biotech companies rig research, gag critics, hijack regulators and cover up hazards.
Lecture Title: New Evidence of Serious Harm from Genetically Modified Foods
Lecture Description: Rising disease rates implicate genetically modified foods as a major health crisis. The good news is after thousands of physicians prescribe non-GMO diets we see dramatic recoveries from a variety of diseases. Learn the facts; protect yourself.
Christopher Barr – 4:00 PM – room 203A
Nutrition/Health Historian, Not-A-Doc AKA Christopher C. Barr is a researcher/teacher through 5 decades with VOICE OF CHANGE daily radio show
Lecture Title: YOU DON’T HAVE TO Diabetes
Lecture Description: Right form and right amount of the right nutrient is key–few know much about this essential mineral established as THE anti-diabetes nutrient by NIH scientists more than half a century ago.

Dr. Stoxen and Team Doctors will be a part of the EXHIBITOR LIST at the expo 

Dates and Exhibit Hours
March 1-3, 2013
Friday and Saturday (10 AM – 7 PM) Sunday (10 AM – 6 PM)
To see a full list of the Exhibitors click here
Long Beach Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A
300 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90802
»Click Here
$20.00 a day or $45.00 for the all 3 days.
Get Tickets
Parking is $10.00 per car per entry to any of the Long Beach Convention Center’s parking lots.

Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) He is the president of Team Doctors®, Treatment and Training Center Chicago. Dr Stoxen is a #1 International Bestselling Author of the book, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He has lectured at more than 20 medical conferences on his Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and asked to publish his research on this approach to treating thoracic outlet syndrome in over 30 peer review medical journals. He has been asked to submit his other research on the human spring approach to treatment, training and prevention in over 225 peer review medical journals. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthopedic Science and Research, Executive Editor or the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care, Chief Editor, Advances in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Journal and editorial board for over 40 peer review medical journals. He is a much sought-after speaker both to the general public and at CME credentialed medical conferences. He has given over 1000 live presentations and lectured at over 70 medical conferences to over 50,000 doctors in more than 20 countries. He has been invited to speak at over 400 medical conferences in over 50 international cities in 30 countries. He has been invited as the keynote speaker at over 60 medical conferences. After his groundbreaking lecture on the Integrated Spring-Mass Model at the World Congress of Sports and Exercise Medicine he was presented with an Honorary Fellowship Award by a member of the royal family, the Sultan of Pahang, for his distinguished research and contributions to the advancement of Sports and Exercise Medicine on an International level. He was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Personal Trainers Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr Stoxen has a big reputation in the entertainment industry working as a doctor for over 150 tours of elite entertainers, caring for over 1000 top celebrity entertainers and their handlers. Anthony Field or the popular children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, wrote a book, How I Got My Wiggle Back detailing his struggles with chronic pain and clinical depression he struggled with for years. Dr Stoxen is proud to be able to assist him. Physicians Medical Technologies does business as Team Doctors®, a medical device company that provides high end vibration massage tools. In 2012, the Massage Assist Pro was cleared by the FDA. Today the Massage Assist® is sold in 13 countries. In late 2019, Team Doctors launched the Vibeassage® which was cleared by the FDA in 2019 and has sold thousands of units around the world. Dr Stoxen can be reached directly at teamdoctors@aol.com

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