Video Tutorial #5 Anthony Field’s Recovery – The Key to his Suffering was Found in the Gait Evaluation

The Human Spring is integrated into the movement pattern therefore it’s built into the engineering. When the spring locks it alters the movement pattern and it gets in the way of the healing process. If you are having trouble getting relief from a herniated disc or back pain and you’re wondering why it’s maybe because your focus is only on the back. You need to look at the entire kinematic chain and check the elastic recoil mechanisms or what I call the human spring function.
One day the tour manager of a very famous entertainer called my agent and asked if I would come down to the auditorium they were performing at and take a look at an individual?
This man who was in such chronic pain was Anthony Field from the ‘Wiggles”. Anthony was so sick of the chronic pain he had been having for the last 25 years that he was almost ready to quit the group.

Dr James Stoxen DC With The Wiggles.

On Page 83 of ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’, By Anthony Field and Greg Truman, Anthony shares his experience when he met Dr Stoxen;  “I was shuffling about, looking for an excuse to limp out of the room when the doctor said something that hit home; “You’ve taken ownership of your injuries and illnesses, haven’t you? I bet you remember the day you got that herniated disc or shin splint.” Remember? I could have told him the exact dates. You say to yourself: ” I used to be able to do this before this injury and that before that injury.” It’s like the life is broken down into before and afters. “Well it’s time to make a new date to remember__ the day when you started to get better. “Hmmm this guy wasn’t into band-aid treatments. “Do your worst,” I thought. After all, I was convinced I’d seen it all before.

As he walked towards me I said, “I know what’s wrong with you. He said, “How is that possible? You have not even sat down to do a history of me and you haven’t examined me yet but you say you know what is wrong with me?” I shared with him, “your human spring is locked and I can see why you are not healing. It will take me about two days and around 15 hours to restore it back near perfect motion.” Anthony looked at me like I was crazy.

On Page 83 of ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back, By Anthony Field and Greg Truman, Anthony shares. “Take your shoes and socks off,” he said. My shoes and socks? It was my back hurting, not my toes. “Your shoes and socks.” When I complied, he explained that he’d watched me walk around backstage, and form my gait could tell right away that I had serious problems. “But it’s my back! I protested as I walked around in bare feet. “What about the pain in your right knee, right foot, and right hip?” he responded. Amazingly, he could tell just from watching me walk, precisely where I was experiencing pain.

I watched him walk with a gait evaluation and I said, “What about the pain in your right knee? What about the pain in your right hip?” I spoke to him about how I knew what was wrong with him.
I used his gait evaluation as the way to determine his movement patterns and specifically how his mass was interacting with the earth during the impact.

Dr James Stoxen DC with Anthony Field

He said he spent a fortune telling doctors what was wrong with him and they were addressing the pain by treating only the pain, the area of highest amount of inflammation. Evaluating regionally what you have vs. what you got and how to restore it.
The spring suspension system muscles of his pelvis were weak and that’s why he had chronic lower back pain.
You see The human body is like a giant spring. The spring suspension system is the interconnected mechanism that governs and protects the way we move.
When the suspension muscles are weak the support is diminished. Gradually the spring deteriorates and the arch spring locks, meaning when you walk, every step produces a bang twist impact leading to stress and strain in every joint in the body.

On page 85 of ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’ by Anthony Field and Greg Truman, Dr Stoxen states: “This abnormal motion keeps the joins in constant stress and in a strained state which, not only produces pain, but challenges the body’s natural ability to heal itself.”

In ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’ Anthony Field explains that journey from start to finish!

Dr James Stoxen DC and Anthony Field Training Backstage

Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) He is the president of Team Doctors®, Treatment and Training Center Chicago. Dr Stoxen is a #1 International Bestselling Author of the book, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He has lectured at more than 20 medical conferences on his Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and asked to publish his research on this approach to treating thoracic outlet syndrome in over 30 peer review medical journals. He has been asked to submit his other research on the human spring approach to treatment, training and prevention in over 225 peer review medical journals. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthopedic Science and Research, Executive Editor or the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care, Chief Editor, Advances in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Journal and editorial board for over 40 peer review medical journals. He is a much sought-after speaker both to the general public and at CME credentialed medical conferences. He has given over 1000 live presentations and lectured at over 70 medical conferences to over 50,000 doctors in more than 20 countries. He has been invited to speak at over 400 medical conferences in over 50 international cities in 30 countries. He has been invited as the keynote speaker at over 60 medical conferences. After his groundbreaking lecture on the Integrated Spring-Mass Model at the World Congress of Sports and Exercise Medicine he was presented with an Honorary Fellowship Award by a member of the royal family, the Sultan of Pahang, for his distinguished research and contributions to the advancement of Sports and Exercise Medicine on an International level. He was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Personal Trainers Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr Stoxen has a big reputation in the entertainment industry working as a doctor for over 150 tours of elite entertainers, caring for over 1000 top celebrity entertainers and their handlers. Anthony Field or the popular children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, wrote a book, How I Got My Wiggle Back detailing his struggles with chronic pain and clinical depression he struggled with for years. Dr Stoxen is proud to be able to assist him. Physicians Medical Technologies does business as Team Doctors®, a medical device company that provides high end vibration massage tools. In 2012, the Massage Assist Pro was cleared by the FDA. Today the Massage Assist® is sold in 13 countries. In late 2019, Team Doctors launched the Vibeassage® which was cleared by the FDA in 2019 and has sold thousands of units around the world. Dr Stoxen can be reached directly at

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